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The CAI has a growing list of clients who've used our innovative approach to solve their challenges or enable their successes. A sample of these include:


Bugg Elementary SchoolCharles R. Bugg Creative Arts and Science Magnet School (Raleigh, North Carolina)

Charles R. Bugg Creative Arts and Science Magnet is one of Wake County's Magnet Schools and has been a Creative Arts and Science A+ Magnet for more than 15 years. In 2009 and 2010, the schools was named a Magnet School of Excellence by the Magnet Schools of America Association.  In 2008 and 2012, 2013, and 2014 the school was awarded School of Distinction status.  As the United States Affiliate for Learning, Working, Management, and Teaching Style Analysis assessment tools and associated training and programs for Prashnig Style Solutions, The CAI is proving Bugg School Learning Style Analysis instruments and support for its entire student body as well as Teaching Style Analysis tools and support for its teachers. (On-Going)



The CAI is powering the AMVETS Career Center program by developing, deploying and maintaining a state-of-the-art Distance Learning (dL) capability providing over 250 certification courses available  through over 19 Career Centers Across the United States.  AMVETS is the fourth largest Veterans Service Organization in the United States withover180,00 members; 39 State departments; and over 1,150 posts nationally.  The CAI solution is providing AMVETS the capability to provide 24/7/365 training and industry standard certification to its customers with the flexibility to conduct Instructor-Led Training (ILT) in a classroom environment is needed. The CAI is honored to be AMVETS lead dL Contractor in this important program. (On-Going)

MGS04 Logo

Mgs04 Corporation

The CAI provided all services and expertise required to register Mgs04 with the United States Federal Government positioning it to sell its products through contract and purchase. This included a business strategy and all associated planning to position the company to enter the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and U.S. Coast Guard Exchange services.  Future efforts will include market-penetration into State College and University programs. The result will be to significantly expand the Company’s customer base.  Services provided include the strategic plan; a detailed phased approach; and providing direct support in achieving implementation goals. (On-Going)



The CAI developed and delivered training workshops on Decision-making under stress and in crisis situations for GovSec 2012 and 2013 events. Participants underwent human factors analysis and training to provide knowledge, skills, and abilities to function in conditions where stress changes individual working styles and cognitive processes, resulting is significant effects on performance and situational awareness. Students learned the effects stress has on individuals and groups including problem solving and decision-making, communications, situational awareness development and sharing, and conflict management; individual working styles; and what styles are most flexible or most susceptible to adverse effects of stress.

SAIC_thumb1_thumbScience Applications International Corporation

Provided expert consultation for SAIC working as a member of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer (USACE) Director of Contingency Operations and G-3 Operations to establish strategic plans and objectives related to the future policies, missions, and direction of the Trans Atlantic Division (TAD). The effort will set up and coordinate (lead) the new Tiger Team examining the future TAD missions. (Completed, 2012)


Anacapa Sciences

CAI Subject Matter Experts: 1) identified potential user groups for its web-based toolset, SameSide; 2) worked with ASI to identify ways SameSide’s functioning can be enhanced to better serve Host Nations in Third World regions prepare for and respond to complex health emergencies; and incorporate PIF’s innovative conceptual framework – CAPS (Capital Analysis & Performance Strategy) – into SameSide as the CAPS Analysis and Measurement Tool (CAM-T) (Completed, 2010).



The CAI team conducted a detailed business case analysis for ARINC providing an assessment of business potential in Africa and a recommended approach African opportunities. It included a macro-analysis of all 53 current African countries used a variety of objective factors. Select countries were then used in the business case analysis of alternatives resulting in a recommendation believed to provide the highest potential ROI with least risk (after application of risk mitigation). (Completed, 2010)


A CAI Subject Matter Expert (SME) provided RAND an expert peer review and input on the Draft RAND report, “Customizing Learning: Potential Air Force Applications” in support of the United States Air Force customized learning efforts.  Review comments and input were incorporated into the final report that will guide Air Force Learning Strategy into the future. (Completed, 2010)