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The Virtual Community

Gateway to CAI hosted technology enablers that support the global humanitarian community
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The CAI is involved is several internally generated innovation efforts to address significant problem sets across the public and private sectors. These efforts result from suggestions by CAI associates and affiliates as well as the innovation of the CAI’s core team.  Potential customers, associates and affiliates are always invited to nominate new thrusts to leverage the CAI’s unique capabilities. Solutions and capabilities developed by CAI efforts are available to customers “off-the-shelf” or tailored to specific client needs.  To partner with the CAI or have our team solve your challenges please contact us directly at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

A sample of our on-going efforts include:

 PIFPartners International Foundation (PIF)

Several efforts currently support PIF in its global humanitarian and development work.

The Global Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Center - The CAI is assisting in development and standup of a Global IED center and technology enablers supporting the Partners International Foundation effort. This includes specific efforts by the CAIs Subject Matter Experts. For more information on the Global Campaign Against IEDs, click here.

The Africa Institute – The CAI is supporting implementation PIF’s Capital Analysis and Performance Strategy by building for-profit public-private partnerships enabling sustainable livelihoods in Africa. For more information on PIF’s Africa Institute, click here

Support to Veterans – The CAI is supporting PIF’s initiative to assist military veterans to help them find jobs and benefits as well as support forming for-profit teaming efforts between Veterans-owned businesses.

Center for Applied Innovation Internal

Other efforts develop and test potential technology enablers and other needs. Several current efforts in this area include:

The CAI Virtual Community - The CAI Virtual Community is your gateway to partnering with global innovators and their programs. The tools provided give you the flexibility to learn and dialogue virtually or in real time. For more information click here

The CAI Forum - The CAI forum is a venue for the exchange of information, ideas, and a place to partner. There are community areas and restricted areas for groups and special subjects. For more information click here

SameSide - SameSide is a training application composed of six modular tools that promote information sharing among civilian and military organizations charged with planning for and responding to health sector crises. Content for the site is under development, with an initial focus on two aspects vital to information sharing: building trust and locating information using weak technology infrastructures. For more information click here

Video Meeting Rooms - This venue provides non-profit organizations and our partners with a videoconferencing capability that includes public and private meeting rooms that are available 24-hours a day. For more information click here

Location Tracking - When complete this component of the CAI community will provide GPS-based tracking of personnel and assets. We are investigating a variety of means to acquire GPS data from remote locations world-wide including cellular- and satellite-based data networks. In the end, our goal is to provide real-time, route-based tracking using small, battery-powered GPS-capable devices. For more information click here

Secure Instant Messaging - When complete this venue will provide a private and secure instant messaging service. It will be based on the Openfire XMPP/Jabber compatible server. CAI will provide a web-based client that can be used without installing any software. A java-based desktop client will also be available for download. Alternatively you will be able to use a Jabber-compatible client of your choice. For more information click here