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The Virtual Community

Gateway to CAI hosted technology enablers that support the global humanitarian community

The Center for Applied Innovation (CAI) uses its unique abilities and busines model to provide customers solutions to the most challenging problems in any domain. These include material and non-material solutions such as products or improvements to existing customer operations. They also include services to improve a customer's ability to operate suchas as training, quality improvement, business process design, market penetration and more.

The CAI's ability to bring in required expertise from any source creates the environment where no challenge is beyond the scope of it's ability to address.

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The Center for Applied Innovation conducts a variety of Qualitative and Quantitative research and analysis for our customers using a variety of methodologies. We have special expertise in human cognition and complex teams systems particularly regarding the effects of stress and operating effectively in high stress environments.

The CAI’s research experience and capabilities cover a myriad of domains ranging from basic research through market analysis to background research supporting business case development and supporting historical and predictive analysis.

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The CAI Approach is specifically designed to use the principles of adult learning in all instruction and classroom interaction. All CAI conducted training utilized the principles pioneered by Malcolm Knowles (1984) is recognized as the ‘father’ of adult learning. CAI conducted training is tailored to the groups present for each class. Effective learning requires that participants are challenged but not overwhelmed and that they have a chance to practice and apply new learning in a safe and supportive environment. It is assumed that those in Leadership I will be at a novice to intermediate level of learning, while those in Leadership II will have experience as leaders. Instructors will explore the level of expertise of the participants through class discussions and modify material, if necessary.


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The CAI is composed of highly accomplished professionals. They have extensive business, professional and cultural links in markets across the world, especially in Asia and Africa. The management and personnel of the company have extensive relations with government leaders in various countries, and expertise in a wide range of fields relevant to the core business of Companies in a myriad of sectors.


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The CAI views technology as enables to achieve the best possible solutions.

While the technology is not always a  requirement for success, it is a very important element. The CAI seeks out the best technology to support existing or improved processes that requires the least disruption while producing both cost-avoidances and cost-savings.  The result is a higher return on investment (ROI) for our customers.  Where possible, the CAI utilizes non-proprietary technology enablers to provide the customer the greatest flexibility at the lowest cost.

The CAI foundation of “providing the best material and non-material solution regardless of source” frees our teams from any one solution to work with our customers in finding the technology that best meets their needs now an in the future.

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While other world markets are slowing or declining, Africa is booming in multiple business sectors. Africa’s diverse regions are now among the world’s most rapidly growing. The CAI has experience in developing business relationships for any company in any business sector, with specific expertise in the areas of Defense, Peacekeeping,Maritime, Telecommunications, Infrastructure, Resources, Consumer Goods, Agriculture, Health, Mining, Banking and more. Regardless if you are an African company or sovereign who wants to do business in the Americas or Europe or a foreign company seeking to penetrate African markets, the CAI can help with your solution.